Sunday, May 10, 2009

AX3000G competitors

hi there,
i want to know which multi-fx-unit is the closest competitor to the Korg AX3000G in your opinion?
Is it the VoxTonelabST or the BossME-20? Line6-Floor-Pod or DigitechRP-355? What do you think?


  1. Hello from Tampa Bay,Fl USA. My name is Dana Walsh and i play for a band called MONEYSHOT. What about a preset for the band Exodus. There sound was heavy,tight and the leads were kind of wet but very focused. or
    Thanks for your time.
    Dana Walsh
    ps- how would I go about beta testing for korg, as I do 100 or so shows a year and i love my Korg. I own four different units from korg. They flat out smoke my Boss gt-5($775) I used to use.

  2. The Boss is probably the closest competition for the AX3000 but I would say they(Boss) have more bells and whistles. The biggest difference is the sound(tone) and there is no competition. The Korg has all the tone in the world. I'd say the Tone Works!!!!!!!!!
    Dana Walsh

  3. Buying the Pandora's Box($250) for practice/warm up. I said wow, I gotta hook this thing up to my amps(Mesa dual/Marshall dsl).I was using the flagship Boss GT-5($775) but not for long. The difference was immediate. The Korg was real not some cheap emulation. I immediatly went out and bought the AX1500($200), which I used for years. It killed the Boss also. I also bought the 4 track Korg Px-4($250), this is a dream come true. To be able to work out solo's and harmonies with drums is a invaluable tool in my everyday writing regime. Hats off to the R/D of Korg/Tone Works. A grand slam in my world. Thank you so much. Then I found the AX3000($200) and my world changed for the better again. Do you guy's ever sleep? This pedal is the be all, end all of pedalboards. Compact yet ultra powerful and sounds amazing. I could go on and on about my Korg but I'm sure you get the picture. Don't waste your time with the so called Bosses and Digitech's. They wish the had the sound of these units and for the price I own 4 Korg units for about the same price as 1 Boss unit. One of the best decisions I have ever made and I use mine live all the time(75+ shows last year)even with another midi controller on the other side of the stage, for switching the AX3000.It performs flawlessly every time. Amazing.I will never use anything but Korg.Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dana Walsh-Guitarist for MONEYSHOT

  4. hey Dana!
    thx for your very interesting comments! :)
    it seems that your really love your ax3000g and of course Korg^^. me too! this unit is really worth every cent!
    so, in your opinion the boss gt5 is the closest competition? i only ask this, because i want to make a comparison between different multi-effect units, a kind of "purchase" for somebody who is seeking for a new multi-effect unit.

    regards, Murdock

  5. Hi, Rodrigo from Brazil here, i had a me-20 and now i have an ax3000g, you can't compare them, complete different worlds. Ax3000g has more effects, simulations, etc and sounds better than me-20.

  6. I'm a huge effects guru. As soon as I saw demos and such for the korg AX3000G I know korg had something very special here. I've owned korg's before hell I still have a korg G3( anyone else remember those),lol. Anyways the special thing about this pedal to me. it's the ESS I love that thing. I play a bunch of different style and industrial metal is close to my heart. it's awesom to click that thing on with a cool effect chain running and watch people look at you like "where's the keyboard? that's a guitar no way!",lol. that alone is worth the price I paid for the thing, the inventivness korg put into this. now the closest pedal to me, prolly the tonelab, it's pretty much the same pedal minus the ess and plus the tube in the tonelab.

  7. Yow,
    My name is Koen. I play in a band called Third Dynasty. Soon we'll go in a studio (14/15 nov) and we will record there with a Engl Savage special edition. But I'm using the Korg Ax3000G and a Marshall Mg halfstack for live performances.
    can you give me some presets (here or in mail) if you have some, that come closest to the Engl sound (invader would be even nicer :D )
    but anyway, my mail-adress is

    thnx for your time
    \m/ keep it heavy

  8. hi i would like to ask if there is a loop effect on this unit? or if there is an alternative way to achieve this

  9. For anonymous: there is no way to create loops in ax3000g.

    I have a question, I was trying to build a patch "violin like", you know, the good players use the volume knob with the little finger, they pull the string then turn the knob to maximun then mute the knob, pull the next note, etc. Ages ago I own a zoom 2020 and I make this path by setting the noise gate at maximun, this cause that the attack of the note almost desapear. Not the same as Malmsteeen, but it works nice for me.
    Now I can`t make the same trick because the noise gate of Ax3000 is really good, and it doesn`t cause lost of attack in any position.
    Any ideas ???
    Thanks a lot (sorry my english...)

  10. For Mario: Hi here, my name is Martin from Argentina, I have the War Tank (ax3000g) and you`re talking about the volume swell... you can make it 2 diferent ways... 1: set the expression pedal as volume and you can graduate the volume in every note, but if you use the pedal for example, for a wah effect... 2: you can set the ess to the volume, and set it o the tempo of your song with the tap tempo button and the korg will do the job for you. hope this useful for you.

  11. Don't forget to turn the noise gate down or off!

  12. Hi everyone! very nice multyeffect!
    The "violin" dynamics envelope Mario talks about is in the very old Zoom ps-02 three tracks recorder/guitar effect minibox.

    Can someone list a few effects/multieffects from different brands that offer this dynamics envelope that lets you have the volume increase gradually each time you hit a string??


  13. I think the new Pod HD range might do this but i'm not too sure.

    Hey Dana, have you tried talking to Korg about being a beta tester?

  14. i want to record my korg ax3000g .can i record it from a midi adapter ,which midi adapter is the best or should i buy a behringer usb interface please tell

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