Monday, May 4, 2009



with his two uploaded Sounds

thx a lot! :D

Welcome AX3000G user!

now the time has come, to upload your favourite metal sound.

Until the end of the month we will do a little contest. Upload your favourite sound to the "Preset Library" in the "Metal-Sound-Contest"-Folder.

Everybody can upload his own unique metal sound. The only condition, it has to be modified for headphones. (this will give everybody the chance to rate the sound nearly in the original way).

Post your rating until the end of may in the "Comment" of this post. At the end of the month i will create a poll with the 3 best rated metal sounds for the final rating.

Let´s do it!


  1. Hello man, how are you?
    First, congratulations for blog, its very cool.
    You have some sites about patches (manual)?
    I saw the sites you post, but, do you have more sites?
    Thanks, cheers.
    Ps: Im from Brazil, i dont speak english :(

  2. hey,
    i´m fine and you?
    sorry, these are the only sites i found in the web about patches for the ax3000g yet.
    this is why i started the preset-library. hopefully some ppl will upload their patches there.
    nice weather in brazil? today it´s raining here :(


  3. Thanks for help
    But, you know make the whammy like's Tom Morello pedal??
    I dont make hit this patch.
    Do you have msn? if you have, add
    We exchange information on this pedal.

  4. hi paulo.
    may you post your tom morello whammy wish in our preset-wish box on the right side. hopefully somebody will upload your sound-wish in our library.
    at the moment i havent got the time, to play a lot of guitar. i have to write my final test in the next view weeks :((( uuuaahhhhhh

  5. Another hi from Brazil too! Thanks a lot man for creating this site, i hope to find some good patches soon, btw any good vai patches around?

  6. kool blog u got here. very helpful.
    hi! m jammie from boston.

  7. im glad i found this blog,,,i just bought the AX3000G and im just beginning to experiment with it,,,will upload some custom presets when i get some cool ones,,,

    Rock on!!!

  8. Somebody pls help me , pls send me a thick distortion patch and a lead tone patch.pls