Sunday, February 15, 2009

AX3000G: Midi Tutorial

How to connect your AX3000G:
First of all you will need a MIDI-USB-Adapter.

1. Install the AX3000G Software PC / Software MAC
2. Connect the Adapter to your PC/MAC (USB->USB)
3. Connect the Adapter to your AX
(Adapter-Out -> AX-In / Adapter-In -> AX-Out !)
4. Open the AX3000G Software
5. Go to "Midi" - Setup
6. Set your Midi in- and outputs to the usb-midi cable.
7. Now everything should work fine, if not, let me know!

Note: You can´t record your guitar-sounds with this midi-connection. midi only sends data instructions. to record audio to your pc use the L/mono analog output or the s/p dif digital output.


  1. i like ax 3000 g..(clavia band Indonesia)

  2. Dude are you active here? Ummm coz i have a question. I wanna put some clips on my Ax3000g and i dont know if its through MIDI? Ummm i have a friend and he also plays with AX3000g and they always play clips using his AX, but then he doesnt wanna tell me how he does that. Here's his band. Listen to the intro clips. It all came from his Ax3000g. Please tell me how to do that. Coz im a newbie withmy AX3000g =(

  3. by the way hit me back my email add is PLEASE HELP? i've been searching every forum how to do that but then i cant find anyone who can help me with it...

  4. hi jepp!

    well, is it really the ax3000g? i know the ax1500 can play samples. but the ax3000g doesnt.
    maybe he´s playing the samples over the effect insert?

  5. Thats how i did it on the AX1500, through the sample funtion but on the AX3000 it would have to be the insert.

  6. I have a KORG ax3000g. This is an excellent processor, hands down. I wanted to know that is it possible to put sound of drums through midi cable like DigiTech RP350. Can anyone help? One more thing this is a great site. I loved it. Thanks…

  7. i have a problem with my usb to midi
    i borrowed a friends works fine
    i bought a cable ( 2 different ones )
    and both give me the error msg cant comminuate check cable or midi interface?

  8. I Have a Problem, Got windows 7 and downloaded all of the drivers, I downloaded the sowftware from here and korg and both times it says midi communication error. It isn't the cable because windows installer said installing usb midi driver... What am i going to do?

  9. i face the same problem, i bought a china made midi cable, it said midi communcation error, can you recommend the midi cable that work fine with ax3000g, preferbly, give me the link, the brand and model of the product. Thanks

  10. I tried cable on vista and it works! must just not be compatible with win7

  11. i just got midi cable today .. it looks like china made .. only one i can find .. but it works on my win7 and winXP .. lucky me i guess .. if not i regret spending just for a cable

  12. Hi, I followed your instructions for setting up the pedal and this is what happened.

    MIDI communication error occurred.
    Check the cables and MIDI interface.

    Can you help please.

  13. Me again, I have just figured it out, you have to plug the MIDI IN socket to the MIDI OUT on the pedal and the MIDI OUT socket to the midi IN.
    I have seen many people comment with problems with the leads, maybe this is that needs to be done.

  14. What midi cable should I buy ... Because I bought a midi cable from China and windows7 says eveything ok but still I have the same error message:

    MIDI communication error occurred.
    Check the cables and MIDI interface.

    Can you help ? I am pretty sure I'd connected everything as it should

  15. Hi,
    Have installed Ax3000g sound editor + Korg USB midi driver tools, set up ax3000g according to its manual and followed your tutorial but still get "MIDI communication error". Any tips?

  16. Regarding the communication issue. It is not a problem that needs cross cabling for solving. Just ppl misunderstand the meaning. :-)
    The MIDI OUT of the processor goes to the MIDI IN of the MIDI Board (or cable adapter) and vice-versa.
    It relates to the point of view, whether you look at it as the PC/MIDI board or as the processor.
    The processor sends info out on its MIDI OUT and the adapter receives it on its MIDI IN. And vice-versa. This is where the cross-naming comes. :-)

  17. (cable) Midi-IN > (ax) Midi-OUT
    (cable) Midi-OUT > (ax) Midi-IN

    is still giving me the same error. I am using windows7 64bit, and the Chinese usb to midi cable. Any ideas?

  18. Hi Guys
    I'm having much the same problem.
    Maybe it is the 64 bit programming of Win7
    I'll let you know when I figure it out.
    It's driving me crazy as well

  19. wheere is the admin? there are so much questions any no answers

  20. I just bought a midi cable and tried, but it appeared "Dump receive is not available". I could not edit or do anything even I followed the steps above. Or the software does not support win7? Pls advise.

  21. I have the same problem, and I run the software on windows Vista.
    I have controlled the connection of the USB -MIDI adapter and it's correct (Adapter-Out -> AX-In / Adapter-In -> AX-Out !)

    I think it's a software editor problem ........

  22. Hi there,

    I'm dealing exactly with the same problem in Windows 7 64 bit. NO matter what I do, I always receive an error message:

    "MIDI communication error occurred.
    Please check the MIDI cables."

  23. Buy the M-Audio Uno, install the drivers first before connecting the Uno to Windoze. Works faultless with AX3000g under Win7 64.

  24. Hello, i know this might be an old thread... however, i was in the exact situation... "MIDI communication error occurred. Please check the MIDI cables."

    Plugged the USB Midi cable, Windows (Im usin XP in this location) detected and installed something, but, that wasnt enough for the midi to operate, I manage to install an external driver, and that did the trick, RoMI/O is the driver I've installed. I've uploaded to MF if you want to download and install...

  25. The cheap midi cables from China don't work for these devices, simple as that, I see this problem everywhere, why do you think they cost £5 yet the Roland um-one costs £30 ? Oh and works fine, your computer and your korg are not the problem, although your computer can see the cable, the little processing box halfway down the cable can't handle the packets of data and is constantly crashing, by cheap, take your chances.