Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tutorial: Imitate guitar sounds

I often read questions in forums like: How can i make a sound like XXX , or where can i download a preset for the band XXX?

I made this little tutorial to get a kind of workflow. This is not the sample solution, but its a way to come closer to the sound you are looking for.

1. Step
If you have really no idea how to start: Use the internet to search what gear your artist is playing with. Most import information is what kind of amp/cabinet he plays. This will be the base of your sound.

2. Step
Now listen to the sound, when the artist plays without any other musicians. Try to loop this, or just listen very carefully. Now set the Amp and Cabinett and play around with the gain, volume, treble, mid and low knob.

3. Step
You should have come much closer to your sound now. Now listen if there is any fx, delay or reverb in your artists sound. You have to try it to get the right setting and this could be very time-consuming.

4. Step
When you think you´re finished listen to another artist and then switch back to your track.
Check the sound again... and again... and again...
Once you think you´re close to the sound, save the preset and share it with other´s ;)


  1. hey there,
    its great to see that someone have taken the care and time to give us ax3000g users things to look into.
    keep it up, i will be looking into this site everyday mate.
    loving it, great work


  2. thank you!
    my next step is to create a kind of preset library. it´s not the same if you compare the community with the POD. you can download presets for that unit everywhere.

    keep in touch!

  3. Also, think outside the box. We all know EVH used a plexi, mxr phase & flanger, echoplex, and variac. Using the 68p (plexi) model will not give you a brown sound distortion! Instead, I use the shred ds model and get a really nice Feel Your Love type sound. Set the Shred DS to a slightly mid-rangy distortion. Add Echo Plus set at a quick single delay and set the Reverb to plate. Also play around with the cab sims if you are using them. They are just preset eq curves. I like pairing the high gain models with the tweed and AC cabs.