Wednesday, February 25, 2009

German Preset Forum

here you will find some nice discussions about the AX3000G and preset settings, take a look!

German AX3000G Preset Forum


  1. ..hey dude!, this blog is really awesome, however ax3000g is a new world to learn, but, this blog is really good

  2. thanks buddy!
    if anybody of you got some suggestions for tutorials or anything else, post me, i´ll try to help you!

    keep in touch!
    ax3000g rulez! :D

  3. hi...i have been using korg ax3000g for a year now but have not tried to connect it with my computer...can anyone give a simple tutorial about how do i do that what do i will be a great help

    1. Use midi usb cable,mine roland um-one mk2...its works great with the ax3000g sound editor from fine with windows 7..